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Buba & Dragan Mracevic
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85340 Herceg Novi
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Herceg Novi, a charming, medieval,town, situated  at  the very entrance to the magnificent Bay of Kotor, sinked into dense greenery, surrounded by old ramparts and six hundred years old fortresses is well-known for his  mild mediterranean  climate,  subtropics vegetation.

More than 200 days a year  all his  pleasant  squares, stairways, gardens are sunlit,making him, the town with the highest  average temperature  on the whole Adriatic coast, characterized by mild winters ans long, warm summers.
The shores are splashed by darkblue waters of the  Adriatic sea in which  you can bathe during five mounths a year. In the hight season , the water temperature is increasing up to 28ºC.

Along the seashore, close to the heart  of the town, there is a  six  kilometers,long promenade, with good, nice beaches.

The community of Herceg Novi,with about 50 kilometers long coast, with sandy, pebbly, healing, mud bath beaches, rocks bathed by  the sea and romantic coves surrounded by pine trees, olive trees, tamarisks is adorned with a string of  mediterranean villages, in which, the olive oil is still prepared the old fashion way  in  old stone mills, the arbutus-brandy is still conserved in wine cellars above which are hanging  smoked hams on wooden rafters. Dried chees is still prepared laying out in shadows, touched by fresh  mistral wind.

In the back of the town,spilled over hillsides of the  mountain of Orjen,  we discover picturesque villages, with  typical, old stone-built houses, tradicional way of living, and above all, well-known for their hospitality.

Having a opportunity to climb and walk through this area during the long,warm summer,to go skiing until the end of spring,  makes this town unique  in the Mediterranean.

There are  approximately fifteen kilometers between the coast and the ski- resort.

Zanjice, Miriste and the Blue cave, well-known vacation areas, are giving  you an unforgettable pleasure of swimming in the cristal clear, darkblue, water of the Adriatic sea.

The Bay of Kotor is also a paradise for numerous  sailers, thanks convenient winds blowing all the year around.



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